Think it, write it, publish it!

NOTE: Access to this course expires October 6th 2021

Take the guess work out of self-publishing a book with this easy to follow course, valued at over $200.00, regularly priced at $99.00It is filled with guides for keeping you on track, preparing your work to earn royalties.

"I strongly advise going through all sessions of this course first, then going back over areas as needed to get your inspiration published."

Course curriculum

  • 4

    Section 2

    • Nonfiction Mind Map To Download
    • Proven Plot Organization Method To Download
    • 7 Point Structure
    • Demo of Excel Book Outline/Progress Template
    • Excel Book Outline/Progress Template
    • Bare Bones Story Map To Download
  • 5

    Section 3

    • General Book Word Count
    • Learn More Regarding Word Count and Genres
    • It's Time To Write - 1st and 2nd Drafts
  • 6

    Section 4

    • Regroup, Review, Reformat
  • 7

    Section 5

    • Books Are Judged By Their Cover
  • 8

    Section 6

    • Finding An Editor
  • 9

    Section 7

    • What Is An ISBN?
    • FYI - This Shows How To Submit Your ISBN Title Information
  • 10

    Section 8

    • Wait, You Do Have A Social Media Presence, Right?
    • Do You Have An ARL for your ARC?
    • Sample For Your ARC Form
    • How To Create an Email Collection Form using Google Forms
  • 11

    Section 9

    • Don't Run Away From Marketing
  • 12

    Section 10

    • Which Book Selling Platform Fits My Needs
  • 13

    Section 11 - Improve Your Writing , Download These Guides

    • Mechanics of a Bestselling Novel To Download
    • How to Manufacture a Best Seller To Download
    • The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot To Download
  • 14

    Section 12

    • Before You Go...
    • Books by Instructor Zita Grant
    • Author Digital Marketing Made SIMPLE
  • 15

    Reviews Are Life!

    • Your Review Matters


Zita Grant

Zita Grant

Senior Instructor

Zita Grant

Zita Grant is a published author and the owner of the publishing company, 2Tigers, LLC, as well as the soon to be launched, ReadioApp (for ebooks and audiobooks). She has over 13 years of experience in writing and loves to help other writers become published authors. As self-publishing has become increasingly popular, Zita noticed that many writers and those who want to pursue the dream had limited affordable options regarding "structure and budget-friendly book launching guidance" - a reality that Zita understands well. This reality was the driving factor behind the content of BeFree2T's site here on Thinkific.